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Muffin Tops Hit The Big Apple

I thought moving to NYC would change my work completely. I figured that because of space issues I would give up on the cupcake entirely. Boy was I wrong! My first New York show was my most ambitious ever. 10,000 cupcakes strung and hung from the ceiling to create an entire cupcake room at ConArtist. You could smell the cupcakes from the street! The second show was a much small installation at Webster Hall (only a few strands of cupcakes). Now that I got this out of my system…let’s see what’s next!!

Walking through my cupcakes (at ConArtist NYC)

Chilling with my MuffinTops

Purple wig viewer

More playful viewers

Muffin Tops at Webster Hall

Muffin Tops at Webster Hall


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Delicious Cupcakes…to put on your head!

Where is the best place for a cupcake? Not in your belly. Not in your friend’s belly. Nooo silly! Cupcakes belong on your head.

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Hello World..Again

Hello again! I know it’s been ages since my last post, so I’m going to start this new blogging adventure with a bang. Instead of telling you about my art, I’ll let my favorite blog in the entire world tell you. I’m so happy I could burst!! :]

Thank you Cupcakes Take The Cake for posting my work.

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You’re My Cupycake Gum Drop

Cupcakes are probably my second most most favorite thing in the world, after Bunnies of course. I like eating them, but wearing them is oh so fun. They are so cute and pink, it’s hard not to love them. Yesterday, you had a dose of eggs, today sounds like a good day for some cupcakes.

excited yet??

here they are..yummy, sweet, and ready for you to take home.

Just in time for the holiday season, Cupcake Christmas Ornaments by The Cupcakery

Cupcake hat for baby by The Knitting Queen

Strawberry Cupcake Ring by Dulcebella

Cute as a cupcake canvas bag by Snanimals

Yellow Sprinkle Cupcake Keychain by Fattycakes

Cupcake salt and pepper shakers by Paticake

White and Blue Glitter Cupcake Necklace by Faster Than You

Cupcake Shirt by Sprinkles

Cupcake Charm Necklace by Sweet Surprises

Sweet Treats Bracelet by StinkyFifi

Lime Strawberry Cupcake Purse by arkitektonika

Cupcake change purse by Viridian Muse

Sugar and Spice Necklace by CallowLily Art

Jelene Mini Pop Art Plush Christmas by Jelene

Aromabuddy cupcake by Busy B Designs

Cupcake Scarf by Little Love Bunny

Those are all of my Etsy Cupcake pics for the day. There’s soooo many more on the site, just search cupcake. Now I’m hungry for some cupcakes. Time to get bakin!

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