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It’s raining bunnies..oh no!

It’s about time for Etsy Bunny Day..woohoo! You’ve seen mustacheos, cameras, cupcakes, and it’s time for bunnies!

Bunny No-Slip Clippie by Sweet Bella Bows

Blue Mimiga (bunny kokeshi ornament) by Kwoozy Handmade

Girl and Bunny Print by The Black AppleĀ 

Bunzilla Tagalong by SakuraSakura Amigurumi

Hot Pink Bunny Clay Necklace by Cute Creations

aqua BUNNY with Wings tee by 1AEON

grumpy rabbit coinpurse – jungle bunny by Pocket Carnival

roadkiLL x-big Camo Tote with Flying aka. Dead RaBBit by Roadkill

I love bunnies.


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Sugar and Spice

Bunnies, flowers, and glitter. I love these three things. If this wasn’t an academic blog for class, I would probably post numerous articles those very categories.

According to “Posting with Passion:Blogs and the Politics of Gender,” I am just another “female blogger,” with nothing better to talk about. It is somewhat disheartening to discover that I am just another statistic, but it’s true nonetheless. I am a girl, and I happen to like blogs about bunnies and puppies. Therefore, I am no different than any other female blogger.

Evidently, the most important and influential bloggers out there, just so happen to be men. Girls like me, have no hope of achieving any kind prestige in the political world, by simply blogging about kitty cats and baby ducks. However, in the world of cute animals, I could become famous!! It all depends your interests and who your target audience is.

It would be nice to see more female bloggers making their presence known in the political blogsphere, but I’m not going to be the one to do it. I love Cute Overload, TokyoBunnie, and Sanrio Town. I’m not saying that those are the only sites I visit. I am equally addicted to digg, engadet, and techcrunch, I’m just saying that I am not going to stop loving the cute blogs just so I can make a point about feminism.

Boys like bunnies too.

Boys like bunnies too

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