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Save My Internet is finished..maybe

I posted my video on YouTube. I have never posted anything on YouTube before, so this was a big and scary step for me.

While making the video, I tried to hit three points.

  1. Net Neutrality: That is the obvious point of the video.
  2. Internet Personalities: I used The Sweater Lady, Tron Guy, and Damian from This Spartan Life to explain net neutrality, because the Internet is what allows them to express themselves. Without the Internet, they would not have such a large fan base.
  3. Copyright: The entire content is from other people. All I did was slice and dice.

Those of you in my CMC class might notice some bits from the handsoff video (the one that blamed google and the government.) I thought it would be hilarious if I could use clips from that video to completely go against its own twisted argument. I just hope I don’t get myself into trouble.

If you have any ideas or questions about my video, please let me know.


Add a comment November 20, 2007

Digital utopia=no more negative soup

In Everything is Miscellaneous, author David Weinberger makes his technological utopian beliefs clear. Just like Andrew Keen, Weinberger’s bias is shown through the descriptive language that he uses to uphold his arguments. When describing the cons of using paper photographs, he says..

“Things made of atoms tend to be unstable over time–paper yellows and disintegrates, negatives turn to soup–so we have to take measures to sway nature from its course.” 

Instead of simply saying that paper photographs disintegrate over time, he finds it necessary to add that negatives turn to soup. The mental picture of a bowl of “negative soup,” is enough to make me switch to digital. In the same way that Andrew Keen argued against the digital world, Weinberger attempts to uphold its honor. By using such descriptive language, just as Keen did,  he is able to do so. He is arguing in the same manner (the bias is made clear), he’s simply arguing for the other side.

Add a comment October 5, 2007

Not tech-savvy enough..what?!?

Far too often, we overestimate the knowledge of other people. In the case of Assignment Zero, the technological knowledge of the volunteers was definitely overestimated, and resulted in the loss of many potential contributors.

According to the article Did Assignment Zero Fail.., the site was too confusing for the volunteers. Many of them were lost as soon as they showed up. Too many of the volunteers did not know enough about the concept of crowdsourcing to actively contribute, and never came back after their first visit to the site. Maybe it is because they were not ready for Assignment Zero. As a whole, maybe they were not as tech-savvy as they would have liked to been.

“Baffled by the overarching concept of crowdsourcing, confused by the design of the website and unable to connect directly to a manager or organizer, most of the initial volunteers simply drifted away. “What we learned,” says Rosen, “is that you have to be waaaay clearer in what you ask contributors to do. Just because they show up once doesn’t mean they’ll show up over and over. You have to engage them right away.””

If all of the volunteers were as tech-savvy as the editors would have liked them to be, then the project would have run much more smoothly. Another option was to make the site much more user friendly; make it as basic as possible to make sure that everyone can understand what’s going on, and how to use it. In doing so, the whole concept of crowdsourcing would become more accessible to the general public. Whether or not that would be a good thing is questionable.

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Polar Bears and Little Brothers

Planet Earth! Need I say more? Obviously for this blog, I probably should. I found this video while browsing through another one of my cute (I put that one in there just for you Dave) sites. Much like The Cute Project, Cute Overload plays tribute to the cuteness of the world.

 This has got to be one of my favorite scenes from the Planet Earth series. The opening of the scene is amazing as it fades down the mountain. I also love when the polar bear crawls out of the ice. I just want to give him a big ole’ hug. For obvious reasons, I would never actually attempt to hug a polar bear, and I strongly caution you against the idea.

No other nature series has drawn my attention as much as Planet Earth. I was actually able to sit down, watch, and enjoy the entire series with my little brothers (ages 7 and 13).  That in itself is an accomplishment. I can hardly get my brothers to sit still for five minutes, yet alone hours upon hours.  Any video that can make my little brothers stay quiet for a few hours while learing how beautiful our planet really is, deserves five stars in my book.

1 comment September 11, 2007

Art without the Artist…not quite.

Media is a constantly changing identity. The technology used to create the media as well as the technology used to bring the media to the viewer and be completely different, depending on the time period you are in. As time changes, people try to improve upon the current form that the media takes. According to Bolter and Grusin,

   “Creators of other electronic remediations seem to want to emphasize the difference rather than erase it. In
these cases, the electronic version is offered as an improvement on the older version…”

San Base is a Russian born artist who has created “Self-Shifting Digital Paintings.” After the down fall of the Soviet Union, art supplies were too expensive, so he had to create a new form of art. His result was “Dynamic Painting.”

 “When he didn’t have fresh canvases to use, Base painted over his used canvases. Liking the effect that created, he began intentionally transforming the same picture over and over.

It occurred to him that a computer or TV screen would be a better “canvas” for bringing his pictures to life, so he wrote a software program to automate the image generation and transformation.”

In this case, the new technology was created because the older technology was too expensive. He does not completely change the older version, by completely taking out the artist, he simply uses the computer as a tool to achieve another form of art. In both “dynamic painting,” and the original form of painting, the artist plays a vital role.

4 comments August 30, 2007

Important life lessons brought to you by…the movies?!?!?!

Things I Learned from the Movies is an article from Funny Emails, a blog that reposts humorous emails so that people like me (who never receive funny emails…because my friends have no sense of humor) can enjoy them.  The article lists the very valuable life lessons that we learn from the movies. It  give insight to tips such as…

“One man shooting at 20 men has a better chance of killing them all than 20 men firing at one. “

How many times does Hollywood have to replay this scenario? We get the point. The hero of the film is supposed to be good at defending himself. But come on, the bad guys should be able to hit his target every now and then. Especially when it’s twenty against one. Another peice of advice that I thought I should mention is a bit less deadly, but just as important.

“Once applied, lipstick will never rub off – even while scuba diving. “

In the movies, women wake up with their makeup fully applied, they swim with their makeup fully applied, they even camp out in the woods with their makeup fully applied. When are we going to see these “realistic” characters without their makeup, waking up like a normal person? More importantly, where can I find this magic makeup that stays perfect even after hiking through the forest?

Without Hollywood giving us such amazing advice, how could we survive from day to day?

4 comments August 27, 2007

A little bit of cute can go a long way

I have never found a blog that interests me to the point where I would need to check it on a regular basis (probably because I have never looked for one until now), but these two blogs can certainly hold my attention.

The Cute Project is an adorable site, dedicated to keeping the world cute. They dig through hundreds of images and videos online, and pick out the cutest ones, so you don’t have to. Sometimes, all you need to brighten your day is a good dose of cuteness. If baby ducks, piglets, bunnies, and kittens disgust you; stay away from this site! Otherwise, check it out and fill that void that only a cute little animal can fill.

The Magnum blog features the “photo of the week,” and other various photographs from the Magnum site. Each photograph contains a brief history explaining where and when the picture was taken. The photographs are interesting, as well as the stories behind them. Check it out if you like documentary photography.

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