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Gnomey Gnome Gnome!

Gnome day! Why, you ask??? Yesterday I told my roomie Marissa that I was going to post everyday, and today I almost forgot, until she reminded me. What does this have to do with gnomes???? Wellllll….Marissa has a traveling gnome companion, and this little gnome roadtripped across the entire country with her (all 48 continental states!). So here is a little tribute, in honor of Marissa’s gnomey friend.

Bradellina (Marissa's gnome)

Gnome shoes from Funkyshapes

Gnome quilt from BeepsPeeps

Knitted Gnome Beard from foamywader

Gnome hat from hobocampcrafts

Gnome mushroom playset from fantastictoys

Gnome locket from Bridsoforegon

Gnome wall decal from janeymacpress

Happy Birthday Gnome Party Hat from SnotKidClothing

Gnome Maryjanes from helloshoes

Gnome diorama from magicalponyfarm

Gnome apron from boojiboo

Gnomes make me happy! And so do you! from laladexpress


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Muffin Tops Hit The Big Apple

I thought moving to NYC would change my work completely. I figured that because of space issues I would give up on the cupcake entirely. Boy was I wrong! My first New York show was my most ambitious ever. 10,000 cupcakes strung and hung from the ceiling to create an entire cupcake room at ConArtist. You could smell the cupcakes from the street! The second show was a much small installation at Webster Hall (only a few strands of cupcakes). Now that I got this out of my system…let’s see what’s next!!

Walking through my cupcakes (at ConArtist NYC)

Chilling with my MuffinTops

Purple wig viewer

More playful viewers

Muffin Tops at Webster Hall

Muffin Tops at Webster Hall

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Hello 2011. New NYC inspiration

I know I’ve been gone a while. Update: I am now living and working in NYC. I’m working with teenagers at an after school nonprofit tutoring program. Tough..yet amazing job! NYC is inspiring me in a bazillion different ways. I’m falling in love with this city.


NYC Inspiration ❤

Walking home from work, found this. Unmonumental?













Found this walking to work one day. Pop-up art installation?













Me and Kenny Scharf piece in the LES (before it was vandalized)













Wall in Brooklyn (section shown Chris Mendoza and Pablo Power)









Franklin Evans at Ps1










Purple Dog on the subway













Vincent Inconiglios at Jeffrey Ledger













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