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Express your inner paparazzi

Yay for cameras! I love photography almost as much as I love bunnies, even though I haven’t gotten around to posting my own pictures up yet (I’m taking baby steps.)

Say Cheese Camera Necklace by Michelle’s Charm World

Hot Shot earrings by Dolls and Molls

Sleuth Camera Necklace by paraphernalia

Nikon S2 camera shirt by Vital

The Tote. gray camera bag with strap by Loverly Ink

Roid Rage shirt by 410BC

Mini Toy Camera Necklace by sciostarbug

Camera Camera Case by Hine

There are tons more camera cuties on Etsy, I was just tired of posting pics…plus I should probably get back to my finals. Next time on my blog….Pics from Thanksgiving with my super huge family!


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Gobble Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving! I should be eating right now, like the rest of the world..but my family doesn’t eat until 3:00pm, because it takes a while to get seventy people organized.

Here are a couple Etsy Turkey Picks.

turkey softie by Patti Haskins

Turkey Leg Baby Rattle by  Maya Bella

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A Loving Tribute to the Handlebar Mustacheo

Everyone loves a good ole handlebar mustacheo..right?? Ok, maybe not…but I sure do. In honor of Handlebar Mustache day (I declared it about five minutes ago) here are the amazing mustaches from Etsy. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Handlebar Moustache Bunny Cards by PepperSprout

Super Sleuth Mustache Necklace by JackRabbit

Tiny Handlebar Tote Bag and Handlebar Dress by GraveSkull

Colonel Mustache by Love and a Sandwich

Moustache Tote Turquoise by Anatomy of a Skirt

She’s so strange by TillyBoom

Pierre the Banana by MetalSugar

Stash pouch by Pink Birds

Naked Upper Lip by rar rar press

4 Moustache Cards by Lupin

disguise your wallet by bumbles and lu

Sleuth Disguise Necklace by Paraphernalia

Cowboy moustache buttons by Girl on the rocks

Dontcha feel the urge to grow your own beautiful mustacheo??

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Save My Internet is finished..maybe

I posted my video on YouTube. I have never posted anything on YouTube before, so this was a big and scary step for me.

While making the video, I tried to hit three points.

  1. Net Neutrality: That is the obvious point of the video.
  2. Internet Personalities: I used The Sweater Lady, Tron Guy, and Damian from This Spartan Life to explain net neutrality, because the Internet is what allows them to express themselves. Without the Internet, they would not have such a large fan base.
  3. Copyright: The entire content is from other people. All I did was slice and dice.

Those of you in my CMC class might notice some bits from the handsoff video (the one that blamed google and the government.) I thought it would be hilarious if I could use clips from that video to completely go against its own twisted argument. I just hope I don’t get myself into trouble.

If you have any ideas or questions about my video, please let me know.

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Halo Kitty

When I was six, Hello Kitty was the coolest thing ever. I am about to be twenty, and Hello Kitty is still the coolest thing ever. She is completely adorable. I’m pretty sure my obsession with the cute little kitty is about to drive my boyfriend crazy.

He doesn’t like cute pink kitties, he likes shooting things in Halo. So when I found this, he about fell over and died. To him, this is the most horrible thing to ever happen to Halo. I think it is absolutely adorable, and I would totally start playing Halo if I could look like this.  However, I would become an instant target in the game. What boy wouldn’t want to kill Hello Kitty??

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Lil Baby Bunny Kisses..more proof that boys love bunnies

As I said before, Tyra gives kisses on command. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s completely true. However, she hates to perform, and won’t always do it in the company of others, making it hard to prove. I was able to sneak in a few pics though, just to prove how very talented my little Tyra is. Here she is, kissing her two favorite people in the whooole world.

If you look closely, you can see that Cameron is cheating. He’s holding a treat, making it look like she is kissing him. I’m not holding up anything though. She’s really giving my lil bunny kissies. All I have to do is say “Tyra…kisses.” and make smootchie noises and she’ll hop right over. It’s absolutely adorable.

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You’re My Cupycake Gum Drop

Cupcakes are probably my second most most favorite thing in the world, after Bunnies of course. I like eating them, but wearing them is oh so fun. They are so cute and pink, it’s hard not to love them. Yesterday, you had a dose of eggs, today sounds like a good day for some cupcakes.

excited yet??

here they are..yummy, sweet, and ready for you to take home.

Just in time for the holiday season, Cupcake Christmas Ornaments by The Cupcakery

Cupcake hat for baby by The Knitting Queen

Strawberry Cupcake Ring by Dulcebella

Cute as a cupcake canvas bag by Snanimals

Yellow Sprinkle Cupcake Keychain by Fattycakes

Cupcake salt and pepper shakers by Paticake

White and Blue Glitter Cupcake Necklace by Faster Than You

Cupcake Shirt by Sprinkles

Cupcake Charm Necklace by Sweet Surprises

Sweet Treats Bracelet by StinkyFifi

Lime Strawberry Cupcake Purse by arkitektonika

Cupcake change purse by Viridian Muse

Sugar and Spice Necklace by CallowLily Art

Jelene Mini Pop Art Plush Christmas by Jelene

Aromabuddy cupcake by Busy B Designs

Cupcake Scarf by Little Love Bunny

Those are all of my Etsy Cupcake pics for the day. There’s soooo many more on the site, just search cupcake. Now I’m hungry for some cupcakes. Time to get bakin!

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I can’t escape the eggs today. As I was rushing out of my house this morning (late to work..yay me!), I remembered that I need to eat all my eggs, or they will probably go bad..and we can’t have that, now can we??? Then, while browsing through Etsy at work, I kept seeing eggs. Everywhere I turned, egg ear warmers, egg necklaces, egg purses. The eggs refused to go away. This is definitely a sign to eat all my eggs very very soon. I’m pretty sure that the eggs in my refrigerator are sending me subliminal messages. They want to be eaten.

Here is your egg imagery for the day.


Egg Ear Warmers by Kayraffla

Sunny Side Up Breakfast necklace by Michelle 

Egg Purse by Dragon in Knots 

Toast and Eggs by Stella Hanningan

Clog Your Arteries by Stars Dreams and Jewels- Eclectic and Collage Jewelry

Rise and Shine key chain by Peculiar Creations 

Sunny Side Up potholder by The Little Red Button 

Sal Monella the Fried Egg by Fort Cloudy

Sunny Side Up barrette by jeynreyn

Breakfast bunch applique zip pouch by Ity-Bity Bags

Little Fried Egg Pin by Anapaulaoli 

Sunny Side Up Sunday Market Bag by Cipolla 

Bacon and Egg Scarf by Pigglewiggins

Wonder Egg Wallet by MajestyInc 

Bacon and Eggs bib by SheriffPeanut 

Bacon and Eggs Ring by Kellee 

Fried egg coffee table by edesse designs

Brunch Tote by Enderby  

So there you have it..all the eggs you need for the day..or possibly your entire life.

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Blender Growling

So this has got to be the coolest blender in the world. You control it by growling at it. Blendie’s creator Kelly Dobson, has several projects that exercise a relationship between humans and machines.

The video speaks for itself.

meet Blendie.

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Tyra Bunny

Today is a verrrrry important day! Why you ask??? Because…..drum roll pleeeese!!!

I am introducing Tyra to the world. It’s about time for all of you to meet my lil baby bunny (she’s actually pretty big and a little bit overweight).

I am completely aware of the fact that I talk about bunnies more than the average person. They are so cute and fluffy. I just can’t help myself. Plus, they are amazing pets. Tyra is litter box trained, and gives kisses on command. What more could you ask for. Soooo…here she is, in all her precious glory.

Meet Tyra

you better believe there’s more to come. :]

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